Master Dry Desiccant for container transport

Master Dry Desiccant for container transport

Master Dry Desiccant for container transport. Dry bags for transport, 250 to 2000 gr per bag.

Master Dry consists of clay and salt. For large shipments or deposits. Very high moisture absorption content. Consists of calcined aluminum oxide and calcium chloride salt. Master Dry is a special drying agent, consisting of a special mixture of calcined aluminum oxide and the salt calcium chloride. This composition makes it possible to absorb more water than other solid drying agents. This was confirmed by the independent institution in Hamburg BFSV. These made a performance comparison of our Master Dry against a conventional desiccant. Due to special heating in the preparation of the Master Dry granulate, it retains its granular structure in a saturated state.

Master Dry is safe and can also be used to protect food. A food safety test is made by an independent laboratory. The certification is of course available. Absorbs up to 132% of its own weight in moisture. Duration of action: 2 weeks to three months. Filling consists of active clay and salt. The bag is made of PP fleece.

Sold in bags of 250 grams, 1000 grams and 2000 grams. Request a quote here and indicate which size you prefer and for how many bags you would like to receive a quote.

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 Master Dry Desiccant for container transport
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