Contimeta Contiseal 5440A Corner sealer

Contimeta Contiseal 5440A  Corner sealer

Contimeta Contiseal 5440A Corner sealer. Sealing machine, maximum dimensions 54 x 40 cm, capacity 15 seals per minute.

Semi-automatic corner sealer (L-sealer). With this sealing machine you can seal products (pack them in plastic) with e.g. PO, PE or PVC in different thicknesses. Choose for manual or automatic operation.

The Contiseal 5440A has a cooled seal frame with coolant. The sealing frame closes with an electric motor and opens automatically after sealing. This sealing machine can be combined with a shrink tunnel, the Contishrink 40 or 40L.

Features of this sealing machine:
- sealing frame dimensions: 540 x 400 mm
- working height: 930 mm
- digital control panel with adjustable sealing temperature, sealing time, delay time and run-out time and 6 programs
- adjustable conveyor belt
- suitable for several types of foil, thickness 11 to 40 , thicker foils on request.

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technical specifications *)
 Contimeta Contiseal 5440A Corner sealer
max. capaciteit   900 eenh/uur
lengte in mm   1565 mm
breedte in mm   750 mm
hoogte in mm   1400 mm
massa leeg   200 kg
stroomvoorziening   400 V / 2300 W 
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Contimeta Contiseal 5440A Corner sealer

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