Robopac Contiseal Micra M dome sealer

Robopac Contiseal Micra M  dome sealer

Robopac Contiseal Micra M dome sealer. Manually operated seal/shrink wrapping machine.

Manual seal/shrink packaging machine where the renewed foil welding/cutting unit is included in the hood of the shrink oven. Seal and shrink with just one operation. Equipped with a soft shrink fan speed for perfect shrink heat control. Suitable for very light or flexible products. To be used with polyolefin (PO) or PVC film. Compared to the previous models, the shrink time has been reduced by 50% and the warm-up time by 60%.

Capacity 300 units per hour
Roll width: 600 mm
Roll diameter: 250mm
Foil thickness: 9 - 25
Film roll core: 76 mm
Working height 940 mm including the wheels
Welding frame size: 540 x 390 mm
max. product dimensions: 500 mm x 380 mm x 200 mm (lxwxh)
max. product weight: 15 kg
Supply voltage: 230V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Machine dimensions (lxwxh): 1260 x 810 x 1310 mm

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 Robopac Contiseal Micra M dome sealer
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