Paxxo Endless plastic bag Longopac

Paxxo Endless plastic bag Longopac

Paxxo Endless plastic bag Longopac. MIni - midi - Maxi endless plastic bag.

Smarter waste processing. The unique Paxxo Longopac® system enables smarter waste handling and innovative packaging solutions for a better working environment for professionals around the world. Longopac is hygienic because the bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – there is no contact with the waste.

Longopac is based on an extremely thin and strong 3-layer polyethylene material. The packaging material is folded into compact cassettes in specially developed machines. Longopac offers advantages in the form of efficient and time-saving handling, low material consumption and low transport costs.

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 Paxxo Endless plastic bag Longopac
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Paxxo Endless plastic bag Longopac

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