FT System Leak detection system

FT System Leak detection system

FT System Leak detection system. Inspecting MAP packaging for leakage.

FT System's leak detection systems are in-line seal control systems that check whether your products contain a leak. If so, they will be ejected or marked as 'defective'.

If there are holes or micro-holes in the package and/or seal, the system detects leaks without changing the line speed and/or the internal composition of the modified atmosphere.

With the specific LDS700-IoT leak detection system, products in MAP packaging are inspected for leakage. These products are packed with low oxygen content, or: MAP-packaged (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Gases are then introduced inside the packaging, which means that food spoils more slowly than when packaged with normal air. When the system detects defects, however minor, the product is rejected and eventually ejected.

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 FT System Leak detection system
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