Siat F44 Box erector

Siat F44  Box erector

Siat F44 Box erector. Semi-automatic box erector.

The Siat F44 sets up boxes after which they can be filled and closed. Mainly intended for smaller numbers of boxes. The operator takes the blank box, unfolds it and places it in the machine, folding the front and back flaps inward.

The erecting machine ensures that the longitudinal flaps are folded and the box is centered, after which the operator can fill the box. The operator then presses a button through which the box is fed to the box closer. The top flaps must be closed manually.

The machine has a storage compartment on the side for the blank boxes.

This Siat is suitable for boxes of various sizes, a minimum of 20 x 15 x 15 cm and a maximum of 45 x 35 x 45 cm. Also available with hot melt device for closing the boxes.

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technical specifications *)
 Siat F44 Box erector
max. invoerbreedte   350 mm
max. invoerhoogte   450 mm
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