How do you choose the right packaging?

How do you choose the right packaging?

How do you choose the right packaging?.

Choosing the best packaging for your new product can play a big part in how successful it is when it hits the shelves. This, of course, directly affects how your business can grow and compete in the long run, and applies regardless of whether you're in the health food, pharmaceutical, or nutraceutical industries. Despite its great importance, it can be difficult for any manufacturer to choose the right packaging for your business needs, even with the plethora of options now available. To make the right choice, you need to consider these factors.

Stick to standard shapes and sizes
Save money by sticking to standard shapes and sizes that packaging manufacturers can easily produce. While unique shapes and sizes can help attract attention on the shelf, the amount of attention they can get is not worth the added expense and challenges of packaging production. Choosing standard shapes and sizes can give you flexibility and convenience during storage, handling and transportation. By avoiding custom packaging options, you can also place smaller orders and lower your costs.

Consider transport and distribution settings
What conditions must your packaging be able to withstand? Consider the entire supply chain: your product goes through your production line, onto a truck and to a distribution center. From there it will likely be taken off the pallets and put on another truck that will go to local stores. You must choose product and box packaging strong enough to withstand each of these different locations.

Invest in sustainable quality
No matter how unique or innovative the packaging you choose is only effective if it protects what you sell inside. Invest in quality packaging materials that keep products safe as they move through the supply chain. While good quality sustainable packaging may be more expensive, it should be built into the cost of your products.

Benefit from unprecedented cost savings
The cost-effectiveness of packaging is influenced by a number of different things: materials, standard sizes, who you buy from and how much you order. These are all data. But you should also think about how the packaging you choose can help you save money in other, unconventional ways. By choosing a material that is ultra-light, you can save on transport costs, for example. In addition to the necessary costs, you can also save on things such as comparing a SIM-only subscription for employees online.

Note the branding and design
Last but not least, invest in great packaging design, both in material and graphics. The packaging materials you choose can reflect your brand identity. Select materials and an overall design that aligns with your target market that you can use consistently across your product lines. Graphic design is at the heart of what connects your target consumer to your products. Invest in a great graphic designer who can create something that makes your customers feel what you want them to feel: this includes graphics, color choices, layout, and more.

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 How do you choose the right packaging?
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