Pallet box double-wall corrugated cardboard 118 x 77 x 67 cm

Pallet box double-wall corrugated cardboard 118 x 77 x 67 cm

Pallet box double-wall corrugated cardboard 118 x 77 x 67 cm. Pallet box for Euro pallet, 9 mm thick corrugated cardboard.

Pallet box, brown cardboard, double corrugated, corrugated height AC (9mm), corrugated cardboard quality KL / KL, dimensions 1170 x 770 x 670 mm. This box can be placed on a Euro pallet.

These boxes are suitable for the transport of compound loads. The boxes are placed on a pallet, filled and sealed, and then sealed with stretch film. The latter ensures that the box remains stable on the pallet.

The photo is for illustration purposes, the product may differ slightly. These types of boxes are supplied by various suppliers. You can request a quotation from various companies on this site in one go.

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technical specifications *)
 Pallet box double-wall corrugated cardboard 118 x 77 x 67 cm
materiaal   karton bruin 
soort golf   dubbele golf 
lengte   117 cm
breedte   77 cm
hoogte   67 cm
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