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Resealable doypacks (standup pouches) for e.g. food supplements.   Dietary supplements are often sold in powder form, as shown in the... continue »

Bags / pouches for coffee, various sizes and designs.   Packaging for coffee must be attractive and have an appearance, and ... continue »

Combination of cardboard and plastic is common.   Bakeries increasingly offer the possibility to order pastries and ... continue »

Horizontal endloading Cartoning machine (Side loading).   The E2000 and Spartan horizontal endloading (sideloading) cartonin... continue »

Disposables for appetizers.   Our appetizer trays, bowls and cutlery are ideal for a chic presen... continue »

Injection-molded packaging for pasteurized / sterilized foods.  Weidenhammer has developed this injection-molded plastic box and equip... continue »

The aim is to achieve a higher degree of recycling.  Tetra Pak is developing a new cardboard carton pack for long-life drin... continue »

 Bag for fresh food placement, suitable for freezing. Built-in removabl... continue »

Lunch boxes, kraft or ivory white, different dimensions.  Kraft Paper, PE coated, lunch boxes. Kraft or white. Usage / applicati... continue »

Carton trays.  Solid cardboard trays for vegetables or fruit, for example strawberrie... continue »

Carton food boxes.  Carton boxes for food, snacks, fish and chips, drinks, pizzaboxes, etc... continue »

For packing meat loaf.  Corrugated cardboard baking shells for baked meat that are used for th... continue »

More gloss, brightness and print quality. Less solvents, less time, less materials.  A look to the future.
Icimendue pays great attention and efforts ... continue »

 Self-Sealing Ziplock Bags are simple plastic bags that include a ridg... continue »

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Fuji Packaging: Reclo-Sure ensures a 50% material reduction

Resealable MAP packaging for fresh products, developed with Nordex and Supertape. Fuji Packaging, in collaboration with a ... continue »

Profipack Pallet wrappers

Profipack is proud to announce the expansion of its range of pallet wrappers. At Profipack, your ultimate partner for ... continue »

SGD VG Emballage bottles and jars for cosmetics

Cosmetics packaging. Packaging for cosmetics, including an ... continue »

Pallet box double-wall corrugated cardboard 118 x 77 x 67 cm

Pallet box for Euro pallet, 9 mm thick corrugated cardboard. Pallet box, brown cardboard, double / ... continue »

Corrugated cardboard Roll 66 cm x 70 m

Roll of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard roll 66 cm x ... continue »

ECOvation Shrink Covers

Shrink sleeves, 125 mu. We offer 2 different types of the x ... continue »

ECOvation stretch film black 50 x 300 m 23mu

Wrapping foil, black, 23 mu. Rolls of stretch film for wrapping ... continue »

EPP insulated - refrigerated transport box

EPP transport box, insulating material and cooling in lid. This transport box is available in ... continue »

De Boer Cargo Protection bubble wrap various widths 80 mu

Bubble wrap on a roll, as packaging ... continue »

CK International CK 151

Baler. CK International CK 151. Bale Vertical ... continue »

Contimeta Nanofilm for film wrappers

With nano wrapping film you get the the ... continue »

Siat F44 Box erector

Semi-automatic box erector. The Siat F44 sets up boxes after which ... continue »

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