Austropressen Conpress waste press

Austropressen Conpress  waste press

Austropressen Conpress waste press. For compacting waste in a roll container.

This waste press is suitable for compacting waste in a waste roll container with a capacity of 660 to 1100 liters. Compresses cardboard, plastic or residual waste into a compact unit so that these containers are used much more efficiently. Equipped with CE certificate. Dimensions 154 x 165 x 237 cm. Own weight 350 kg. Operates on 400 V / 5 kW. Press force 40 kN.

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technical specifications *)
 Austropressen Conpress waste press
max. persdruk   4 t
stroomvoorziening   400 V 
max. vermogen   5 kW
lengte in mm   1540 mm
breedte in mm   1650 mm
hoogte in mm   2370 mm
massa leeg   350 kg
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