Thimm pack’n’display

Thimm pack’n’display. New brand for the packaging and presentation of goods.

Thimm is combining two business divisions under the new brand Thimm pack’n’display. The ensuing synergies will create a technology mix in the market and offer opportunities for the users. Mathias Schliep, Chairman of the Management Board, Thimm Group: “The merger of our business divisions, Thimm Verpackung and Thimm Display, brings together standardised processes from our packaging plants with the customised services of our display locations. Through our complementing competencies in flexo-preprint, flexo-direct printing, offset printing and digital printing, we are bringing all the printing technologies together into one brand.”

The brand name Thimm pack’n’display also describes the customer benefit, namely that products can be packaged, transported and displayed. Both companies will benefit from the pioneering spirit and the technical expertise of the other. “The benefits of this energetic division will also be enjoyed by our customers to whom we will be able to offer a new level of service," adds Schliep.

The basis for an optimum customer solution is the freedom to procure our own raw materials in the market. Schliep explains: “As we operate as an independent raw materials purchaser, we use our freedom to procure all the raw materials that we need."

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 Thimm pack’n’display
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