GK Gel  container desiccant

GK Gel  container desiccant

GK Gel  container desiccant. Moisture absorbing strips for use in containers.

These drying strips are specially designed for dehumidifying containers. The bags can be attached either with adhesive stickers or with a hook on the side (inside) of the container. The bags are made of Tyvek and laminate. The desiccant can absorb up to 360% of its own weight in moisture.

DIN standard: Class B 55.473 - Dust free. Approved for use with agricultural / food cargo. RoHS and REACH compliant. CLP 2015 compliant.

Available in the following versions:
- GK Single 125 grams
- GK Strip 625 grams with hook
- GK Strip 1000 grams with hook and cover
- GK blanket (blank) 2000 grams

Supplied per box or per pallet. Request a quote here.

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 GK Gel  container desiccant
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