Tetra Pak develops beverage carton without an aluminum layer

Tetra Pak develops beverage carton without an aluminum layer

Tetra Pak develops beverage carton without an aluminum layer. The aim is to achieve a higher degree of recycling.

Tetra Pak is developing a new cardboard carton pack for long-life drinks. Instead of an aluminum inner layer, the cardboard is provided with a layer of polymer, a type of plastic made of fibres. The development of this new packaging is important because cardboard packs with an aluminum protective layer are difficult to recycle. These packs cannot go with the old paper. The new packs could. As a result, the CO2 footprint of these cartons decreases drastically. The inner layer must provide protection against the ingress of oxygen. These packs are used, for example, for vegetable juices and fruit juices. The development has now progressed so far that, in collaboration with customers, some cartons are now available in supermarkets as tests. Tetra Pak expects the cartons to be introduced into the food chain on a larger scale from next year. (June 23rd, 2022)

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 Tetra Pak develops beverage carton without an aluminum layer
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