Profipack expands sustainable range with Nuevopak filling machines

Profipack expands sustainable range with Nuevopak filling machines

Profipack expands sustainable range with Nuevopak filling machines. Protect products in shipping cartons.

Profipack Packaging expands its sustainable range with the filling machines from Nuevopak. With the filling machines, companies can make sustainable filling paper themselves. Profipack hopes to serve the sustainable customer even better with this expansion.

Using a Nuevopak filling machine, companies can make their own sustainable filling material from special kraft paper. The kraft paper goes into the machine and comes out as ready-made stuffing paper with a nice volume. With such a machine, companies no longer have to spend an enormous amount of storage space for regular filling material, such as filling chips. The kraft paper takes up little storage space before it goes through the machine. It therefore automatically takes up less cargo space. This means that more packs can be carried in a truck at a time. This results in less CO2 emissions.

The homemade filling paper is therefore a sustainable replacement for regular filling material, such as filling chips. The filling paper can be made from recycled material, can be reused and be 100% recycled. For the machines, Profipack offers its own brand of kraft paper: Fillpack. This kraft paper can also be personalized, for example by having it printed with a logo. Profipack also has kraft paper in different thicknesses for different purposes.

Profipack has several Nuevopak filling machines in its range. For example, it offers the compact and manual X Fill M. This machine works without electricity and can be easily and quickly mounted on a packing table. In addition, Profipack offers various automatic filling machines for large consumers, such as the X Fill A and the XPad+. Customers can try out the machines for free in the new Profipack Experience Center in Montfoort.

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 Profipack expands sustainable range with Nuevopak filling machines
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