Large format shrink wrap  for large objects such as machines

Large format shrink wrap  for large objects such as machines.

We offer two types of packaging film for large objects. This heavy white PVC film (thickness 250 to 400 microns) serves as a shrink film for large machines and silos.

The foil is supplied in rolls of 4 m and 6 m width (harmonica used). Larger volumes are sealed together so that even very large machines and silos can be protected.

Please note: this is what is called protection with a rain roof, this protection has no anti-corrosive effect, for this a packaging type SEI-4C (with alufoil) is indicated, or the VCI variant with the blue PE film.

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 Large format shrink wrap  for large objects such as machines
dikte (in )   250-400 micron (µ)
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