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  These are rolls of bubble wrap with a large bubble (3 cm in diamet... continue »

  Bubble wrap on a roll, as protective packaging material. Roll leng... continue »

  Rolls of antistatic bubble wrap. Width 100 cm, roll length 100 m. Ch... continue »

  We offer two types of packaging film for large objects. This heavy w... continue »

Protective film for wrapping fragile goods for transport.   Corrosion-resistant VCI foil from the American manufacturer Armor co... continue »

Repeating window in continuous paper strip.  Global Flexibles is already known for its paper laminates with continu... continue »

Foil on a roll for flowwrap, transwrap and top seal, with hologram print.   Extra attention for your product on the shelves can be achieved with... continue »

In various designs.   Such as: with punch holes, hot needle perforation, printed, colore... continue »

APET, PETG Thermoforming Sheet.  The conductive shelf life of our carbon nano-tube sheet is almost perm... continue »

Foils.  Customization possible, all widths in stock, both flat and half tube. continue »

Foils.  These films can be delivered to size according to thicknesses, widths ... continue »

Sleeves printed and not printed.  All kind of laminated films, stand-up bags, laminate. continue »

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Linx 8940 small character inkjet printer

Code super-fast in the most demanding environments. This super-fast small character is ... continue »

Siat F44 Box erector

Semi-automatic box erector. The Siat F44 sets up boxes after which ... continue »

Changzhou Baoqiang PP-woven bag

Pp-woven bag. PP-woven bags from Chinese manufacturer ... continue »

American folding box corrugated cardboard (Fefco 0201)

American folding box, brown cardboard, double wand, various sizes. This is the well-known American box: ... continue »

Schut Systems E2000 and Spartan

Horizontal endloading Cartoning machine (Side loading). The E2000 and Spartan horizontal a ... continue »

Plastic pallet nestable 80 x 60 cm

Plastic Euro pallet, nestable, dynamic load capacity 600 kg. Nestable plastic pallet, size 80 x ... continue »

CK 51 small bale press

Baler for cardboard and plastic. Compact press that is easy to place and ... continue »

FT System Seal seam inspection system

Inspection for contamination in the sealing area of your packaging. With our seal seam inspection the of ... continue »

De Boer Cargo Protection bubble wrap various widths 80 mu

Bubble wrap on a roll, as packaging ... continue »

Global Flexibles Coffee pouches / bags

Bags / pouches for coffee, various sizes and designs. Packaging for coffee must be and have ... continue »

Profipack Printed packaging

Small edition printed packaging. You strengthen your brand with Logo, ... continue »

Siat F44 Box erector

Semi-automatic box erector. The Siat F44 sets up boxes after which ... continue »

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